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Audio Research d79 blows plate fuse
Agree with Hifigeek1 - Output tube may have shorted, taking out a resistor. Needs to be checked by a qualified tech. Doubt just putting in new tubes will solve the problem. 
BAT REX II preamp
It now has a transformer coupled output stage with a transformer replacing each Six-Pak of output capacitors. Upgrade cost from REX to REX II is $7500. 
Kevin gets the
Almost on a regular basis, someone starts a Kevin Deal thread and people come out of the woodwork giving their opinions. Like many other threads on this informative resource, it makes for interesting reading. Kevin - thank you for jumping in and r... 
what would you do?
"Stupid is as stupid does" - Forrest Gump 
SME 20/2 Finger Lift Hum
As you mentioned, it is a grounding issue. Is it an SME arm? Could you list your phono-pre and preamp? 
BAT VK-55 monoblock retube
Bgmyers - The VK55 has 8 tubes - 4 6C33 tubes and 4 6SN7 tubes. Unlike the 55SE, it does not have any 6922 or 6H30 tubes. There are several good sources for 6C33 tubes online. The list of sources of 6SN7 tubes is endless - either NOS or new produc... 
Good tube amp kit for sale these days
I highly second the recommendation for Bob Latino's amps. I've built both the ST-70 and ST-120 kits. They are a joy to build, lots of fun, and the directions are superbly written. After you finish the amp(s), you'll have a great sounding piece of ... 
Does Mcintosh MC75 drive B&W 802D well?
B&W 802D sensitivity is 90db. Manufacturer recommended amp power range is 50-500. A 75 watt per channel tube amp will not bring out the best in that speaker. 
SME V aftermarket cable?
Purist Audio Venustas 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Dertonarm is exactly right. Same advice applies to the Minus K platforms - you need to have the total load weight (table + additional slab) come as close as possible to the maximum rating for that platform in order for it to work best. This is nec... 
SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
Citrobacter - I highly suggest you contact Brian Laker at SME. He is very responsive to questions. PS - Do you have any close relatives named Proteus, Salmonella, or E Coli? :) 
SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
Manitunc - Yes, the reviewer spent a lot of words comparing the two tables mechanically, but I think he reviewed the 30 in the past, was speaking of that table from memory, and did not have them side by side for an audible comparison.As good as we... 
SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
Peter - I've spoken directly with Brian Laker of SME about the mat. He said the only difference is the color. "A superior interface with vinyl" is an original advertising claim for Isodamp's use on turntable platters in general, way back when SME ... 
SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
The SME platter surface, Isodamp, is not new, just a different color. The manufacturer no longer makes the 'mustard' color used previously. Charcoal black is now SME's standard color, otherwise it is the same.In comparing the 20/2 with the 20/3, t... 
SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
Gordon - No, it cannot. The chassis, subchassis, and platter are different weights and thicknesses. You would be paying basically for most of the Mk3 without getting the whole table. SME does not make 'upgradable' products. You can only do that by...