Audio / Stereo Rack

Hello, I recently found out that the solidsteel rack or stand I ordered has yet to be built, 7 months after ordering. I am looking for a double-wide rack or stand that will hold my system including two heavy monoblocks. I am looking for a double wide unit that has 3 or 4 shelves not including the top. I am wanting something that can be ordered now and can be made and provided quickly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and very helpful.

Thank you!



I was really surprised at the pricing of those Mapleshade racks. Considering that they are just wood and threaded steel stock and bolts, they are very expensive!

I have 4x Timbernation solid maple platforms (2" thick). I then had solid brass rod legs machined to a spike by a CNC shop and cut to various lengths so each shelf is stackable on top of each other. It all weights a ton.

Had a few extra sets of brass rod legs done so if a taller amplifier is ever purchased I can put them in to raise one of the shelves.

Also purchased 2 extra Timbernation platforms to sit behind each speaker to hold the various tweaks, grounding boxes, network switches e.t.c

All up it cost me about $800 USD to get made, which was cheap when you consider how spectacular it looks. But this was 10 years ago and it will probably cost twice that amount now.