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Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
@audioman58 they have another product that can, the Frybaby, it can connect RCA, Speaker cables and XLR with an adaptor (adaptor is extra cost addon).  
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
@kckrs if you are so confused, do not worry, there is a forum for you called ASR, but I'm sure you know that already.  
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
He even has the circuit schematic pdf's on the website for these products.   
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
Ah right I was looking at the $290 AUD pricing, not USD. Even better for everyone ! The burn in devices like Audiokharma Cooker and Nordost Vidar were always way too expensive to take a chance on. But this is so cheap. There is also the Haglabs F... 
Footers- Break In? Such A Change.
Expensive footers was always something I read about but never seriously considered. Until a few years ago I purchased one set of Stillpoints Ultra SS out of curiosity and it blew me away. Amp, DAC, even power distributor, it did not matter which c... 
iFi iPower X - hifi bargain?
I also found the iFi X/Elite power supplies were great but did not work in all cases. For example the iFi Elite was killer on all my network gear, but when powering the Qnap NAS was worse than the stock Qnap smps. Always test.  
A $250 Power Conditioner?
@jacobsdad2000  I have tried many parallel filters and sometimes feel they can rob a bit of dynamics and naturalness despite the filter not being in series. But this ParaSnub sounds interesting. It only targets the SMPS noise?  
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
Almost every speaker I have had sounded best with only a slight toe-in. Certainly not pointing at the listener. More air, more soundstage and openness. This was in different rooms, different distance, e.t.c it didn't matter. Perhaps this is a lis... 
Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread
Can you take the fuse box... out of its box... so you can wire it in directly into an amplifier chassis? Wired directly to the IEC inlet!  Or is it potted? I have an amp with 1x fuse on the inlet and 4x fuses on the amp boards. I have in the pas... 
Pimping your router
@antigrunge2  Just realised you were first to suggest using a wired router only, and offboarding a separate wi-fi router if required. Even before @sns suggested it !! But regarding LPS, I always championed them and found they improved everything... 
Pimping your router
Yet another update: while I originally used the Acoustic Revive RLT1 filter on my streamer and then Etherregen, I have now moved it to the Draytek Vigor 2860 router, i.e. right at the entry point of public ADSL. The resultant clean up of soundsta... 
Linn or T+A
@mgrif104 T+A apparently have a new internal network streaming module upgrade coming that is better in sound quality than the current one.   
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
Consider that you will spend almost a third of your life in bed. So paying decent coin on a good mattress that will last for 15-20 years is money well spent. Sure there are a lot of overpriced mattresses, but I have never come across a cheap one ... 
Pimping your router
Doesn't it just slow the network traffic down to 100mbps, rather than cause the streamer not to work? For example I would slow down ports on a managed switch from 1Gb/s to 100mb/s, and a 1Gbs streamer would still work. But this was done at the s... 
Linn or T+A
@lldd  are you saying the older style Kimax DSM with Organik upgrade was not as good as the new Klimax DSM? I prefer the look of the old Klimax, and its price+ upgrade is a LOT cheaper than the new DSM. Linn have properly worked on the network bo...