Audiocraft AC400/4400.....need help

A friend has a very nice Micro Seiki BL101 belt drive table with a very trick looking Audiocraft unipivot tonearm mounted. It appears to have a 10 or 11" arm length, S shaped, removable wand, and is gold satin in finish. We are pretty sure it is a AC400 or AC4400 model. We could not get a Denon DL103R balanced with the standard counterweight even if the weight was pulled so far back it was almost falling off. I suspect we need help! I found a manual some time back but the link no longer works.

anybody out there know of these arms and how to use them? Did they sell different wands for different weight cartridges (like Fidelity Research)?

Hi Carl,

I have an Audiocraft AC400C on my Micro Seiki FVG-1500. I have also owned the Audiocraft AC300C arm on a Micro Seiki BL-91 and did use the DL103D on that arm without any problems.

I suggest that you contact Brooks Berdan at Brooks Berdan Ltd. He is one of the best analog people in the industry. 626-359-9131.


Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: Brooks Berdan Ltd. is a dealer for my company's products.
Turns out there is a heavy counterweight available for this arm; fellow at Axxis advised me of this. It costs 150 and is available; this is why the cartridge did not work, perhaps. The Dl103R is not a very heavy cartridge, though; hmmm.

This is only a suggestion. Why don't you find a small weight and tape this to the bottom of the counterweight. This will work best if the counterweight is adjusted by means of sliding along the back section of the tonearm.

This way you can get the cartridge balanced and you can try out the tonearm. Being a unipivot it may not be the most suitable for the Denon which is a low compliance cartridge.