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Woofer sucking in and out
Saw a number of typos in my reply but can't seem to find the edit control. 
Woofer sucking in and out
Hi Ct0517,Thank you for your reply.I did see that but I still feel the arm/cartride relationship needs to be examined again. Moving the TT probably only reduced the problem exhibited by that relationship. The low freuency pumping of the woofers is... 
Woofer sucking in and out
It is probably not a vibration control / isolation issue.Barry 
Woofer sucking in and out
Hi Luna,As Ralph (Atmasphere) said, you should make sure that the arm/cartridge relationship is correct. If there is a mis-match between the resonant frequency of the arm and cartridge it will cause very low frquency problems which will translate ... 
Re: Story about Ringo
Ringo had a great musical sensibility for The Beatles' songs. His contribution to their overall sound was critical. I couldn't imagine many of their songs being as good without him behind the drums.One thing that made his playing unique is that he... 
Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
Hi Audiofeil,We both got it slightly incorrect. According to the book "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" it was Andy White who played on at least one early Beatles song. This book is really interesting in an acedemic sort of way. It lists e... 
Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
Alan White did play drums on at least one early Beatles recording.Barry 
Vibrapods under Bright Star for VPI Scout
Hi All,We do not recommend any compliant material between a component and the Plinth (top plate) of the Big Rock. The Big Rock is designed to absorb and dissipate unwanted vibration and resonance from the chassis of the component. Any compliant ma... 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
Hi All,Hal Blaine is one of my favorite drummers. I just had the pleasure to meet and speak with him at NAMM 2008. He was very gracious. His famous "monster" drum kit was on display at the Zildjian pavillion.Alan White was also there. He's a terif... 
Maple or Granite
Hi Stringreen,What is Ultam?Best,Barry 
Movies that featured High End equipment
There was a movie with Bobcat Goldthwaite when he had a talking horse in his apartment! I forgot the name of the movie but he had Infinity RS1b speakers that were shown prominently in many of the apartment scenes.Also, Martin Logan speakers were i... 
musical drummers...who are they ???
Hi All,I would cast a vote for Hal Blaine - the great session drummer. His playing always seemed to be exactly what a particular song required. Best,Barry 
Infinity Kappa 9's
Hi MT,The Infinity Kappa 9 speakers will require at least one stereo amp that has a huge amount of current as well as high wattage while also being fully stable down to 2 ohms. The Kappa 9s present a severe phase angle to an amp and many amps that... 
Isolating the listening chair?
Typo - It should say: "it would not seem that isolating the listener from the floor by use of vibration control devices would be appropriate."Barry 
Isolating the listening chair?
Hi All,Just to bring this thread back to some serious discussion - it would not seem that isolating the listener from the floor by use of vibration control devices would not be appropriate. If the objective of an audio system is to reproduce the e...