Audiolab CD8200CDQ

Just wanted to ask what everyone thinks about the Audiolab CD8200CDQ and is the OLED version better than the LCD version.

Apparently the older LCD units can be returned for update to the
OLED display. If somebody has done this it would be nice to know your experience and also to know how you went about updating to the OLED display.

Apparently the digital Filter software is updateable, also? Does anybody know if there is new digital Filter software available and how to go about installing it :)
Does anybody know of better CDP than the Audiolab CD8200CDQ for around the same price :)
I brought one and I have been comparing this player to a Revox/Studa c221CDP and it is pretty good indeed and quite similar in many ways. The Audiolab CD8200CDQ seems to take a long time to burn in, at least 200hrs of playing, but it is starting to sound very nice, indeed :)
There is now an Audiolab 8300CD that accepts raw DSD via SPDIF (I think!). Not sure if the Audiolab 8300CD is better than the Audiolab 8200CDQ, nor as flexible (no analogue inputs), perhaps not but we shall see :)
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