AudioLab FM 8000T tuner Display light

What do I do with my AudioLab FM 8000T tuner purchased in 1994? The unit works fine except, sometimes, the digital display shows all 888's (or just flashes). I tap the unit once on the top and everything is okay. The sound is not impacted by this rare event but I am concerned since I want to sell it. I do not know if this condition can be fixed without a large repair cost. Is this an indication of bigger problems? Comments requested. thanks.......
Sounds like a loose connection that boils down to a brittle solder joint. Nothing major to take care of for someone that is handy with soldering. Sean
I own an 8000T and haven't even been able to successfully remove the top cover (out of curiosity - it works and sounds fine). It seems like there must be a trick to it, unless I'm completely clueless, since it won't let go of the top with all the screws removed. I can move it just so far, then it resists enough to make me think that I'll break something if I push or tug or flex it any more. I feel that the front panel extrusion is retaining it in a death grip, with no obvious means to make it let go. Oh well. Any smart (or dumb, if I'm deserving) tips here would be apreciated.