Audionote 3.1x

Anyone who hear this player, compare it to Aero Prima, Njoe Tjoeb, CD Heart6000, Audiomeca Keops, Granite 657 or any other tubed player out there?
I've never listened to the 3.1x but I would expect far greater performance from that DAC than the DACs contained in the 1 box players you mention. Even lower end AudioNote DACs would be an improvement over the Heart, Prima, New Tube, or Keops.
Guess I didn't make myself totally clear.... I meant the Audionote 3.1x CD Player... I'm looking for an all in one player.

Would your guess still apply?
The 3.1 cd player uses the Zero transport and the One.1x Signature DAC which utilizes the black Gate caps in a single box.
My vote is for the Audio Note CD player after listening to those above save for the CD Heart 6000. The Audio Note is also a good value for the money.