Audiopax with Duevel Bella Luna Diamante?

Just wondering if anyone has tried any of the Audiopax range of power amps with Duevel Bella Luna Diamante speakers.

Most people including Duevel at its shows seem to go for 300B amps with these speakers.
Audiopax build's high quality gear and their amps will work very well with the Diamantes.

Ted - Duevel USA

Hello there,

I read good things about Audiopax amps but I never have the opportunity to audition them. I can tell you this for sure, I'm own my self a pair of Duevel Bella Luna Diamante for few years now using KR Kronzilla DM Signature amps and I'm very pleased with the sound. In case if you wondering about the KR Kronzilla these used four huge! 1610 tubes in other word Pure Music!.

Hi Bernie,

I think I've seen your pics on the Duevel page with the Kronzillas. Unfortunately Kronzillas are too expensive for me at the moment. Saving up for a new place with a larger room to do the speakers justice.

What digital source do you use if any at the moment?

Hello Veefy,

Yeah, I understand. Maybe one day you can own a pairs, for me I'm very very lucky guy. Any way IMPO running KR Kronzilla's the best sound I have ever heard from Bella Luna speakers. Beautiful Music!

Right now I'm using the Combak Reimyo CDP-777 and the CJ ACT-2 Series 2 preamp, I'm very happy with the results. I love it!

1610 tubes are good tubes,thats were it ends.88's will always be the tube of serious audiophiles;look at audiopax,does triode sound famillar?I'll put my audiopax amp against any tube amp made,,,mh