Audioquest recordings.......

I have this album from Audioquest recordings of "Mokave"
tittle is "Afrique" on 180 gram vinyl and it sounds fantastic, how many recordings were produced or sponsored by Audioquest? it has a copyright from 1994 and I was never aware of them making recordings, tho I have ones from like 5 seperate speaker companies......but those or more demo compilations while this is a geniune album,
Audioquest sponsored recordings from time to time over the years, there are probably well over a dozen that were released on LP. Because they were done by different recording engineers, there is some variability. Mokave, as you've discovered, is quite good. There is also a Mokave II. Audioquest LPs that I have are:

> Misterio with guitarist Strunz and Farah, an exceptional recording by Kavi Alexander. Also issued on LP as Waterlily 08.

> Several recordings of Robert Lucas, a blues guitarist from Chicago who plays both acoustic and electric blues. The first album, Usin' Man Blues, Audioquest 1001, is all acoustic and recorded by Kavi Alexander and is well worth looking for if you enjoy acoustic blues. The following four recordings are good electric Chicago-style blues, they were not recorded by Kavi Alexander, and they are not the sonic wonders that the Alexander recordings are:
....Luke and the Locomotives, Audioquest 1004
....Built for Comfort, Audioquest 1011
....Layaway, Audioquest 1021

> Woman of the Heart, by the Tuxedo Cowboys, Audioquest 1003
> Mighty Sam McClain, Audioquest 1015
> Trio Galanterie, 18th Century Music for Lute, violin and cello, Audioquest 1005
> Mighty Sam McClain, Audioquest

I have this on CD...nice recording of gospel/ will enjoy this for sure especially the sound quality.

Also Give it up to Love also by Sam McClain.

These are sometimes used as demo CD's by high-end Hi-Fi stores...guarenteed to turn heads and make people stop and listen. (as we all know great recordings really help to sell high end hi fi, which is why I ALWAYS use my own test CD's)

I don't know if the Vinyl is better as I have not heard it (obviously some on these forums will state that categorically it must be)...however 99% of quality comes from the studio miking/mix mastering, IMHO, I expect the Vinyl is great too!
Here's a list of some by Artist Title
Akagi, Kei Mirror Puzzle
Arbunkle, Les No More No Les
Audioquest, various Jazz Masters
Audioquest, various Blues Quest
Audioquest, various Blues Master
Beard, Joe for real
Beard, Joe Blues Union
Binney, David the luxury of guessing
Calderazzo, Joey secrets
Earl, Perkins, Jones, Smith Eye to Eye
Evans, Terry Come to the River
Evans, Terry Puttin' Down
Galantrerie, Trio 18th Century Music
Gomez, Claudia Salamander
Katz, Bruce Crescent Crawl
Lewis, Victor Family Portrait
Lucas, Robert Completely Blue
Lucas, Robert Layaway
MacLeod, Doug Whose Truth, Whose Lie?
MacLeod, Doug You Can't Take My Blues
MacLeod, Doug Unmarked Road
Matson, Sasha Steel Chords
McClain, Mighty Sam Keep Movin' On
McClain, Mighty Sam Soul Survivor
Mokave Vol 2
Mokave Vol 1
Mokave Afrique
Mullins Band, Rob One Night In
Palmer, Jeff Ease On
Robertson, Sherman Going back home
Simon Group, the Edward Beauty Within
Tuxedo Cowboy Woman of Heart
Wallace, Bennie the old songs
Wallace, Bennie w/ Tommy Flanagan
Wallace, Bennie the old songs
Wallace, Bennie Someone to Watch Over Me
Watts, Ernie Classic Moods
Williams, Joe Nothin' but the Blues

They are all well recorded, both the vinyl and CD versions are excellent. If you like the blues I really enjoy Doug MacLeod's albums.
PS--many of these you will find were re-released on other labels. Most notably JVC XRCD.
If you like the Blues Robert Lucas will not disapoint you. I have all of his recordings on CD and even some of the newer Canned Heat CD's where Robert is now a member and handles the vocals. Good stuff.
Wow I never knew how many there were, when I played the vinyl I posted about I recalled another album that had the same Center label but in a different color, turns out I have atleast another on vinyl I have "Kei Akagi, Mirror Puzzle"......both sound fantastic. I think I may give them to my father to play as he has a pile of money wraped up in his Mont Blanc and Sky cables.
As always thanks for the great info, Rives I talked to a rep at your company and some business may be in the works for my dads new consruction............cheers.
Terry Evans " putting it down'" I often use this as a demo disc. Very dynamic, great bass and drums.
Chadnliz: Thanks--look forward to working with you and/or father in the future.