Auditioning room perfect via McIntosh men220

I know that I’m not supposed to like this box in my signal chain. But I gotta say, it is easy to set up, makes a notable difference in my system, is fully defeatable for tracks that I prefer without it and it has adjusted the area of my system that I was most troubled buy - a thin quality to the low end.
i had honestly thought that either my speakers or my amps needed an update. But this little box might just do the trick. Interesting.
aurender n10 to Berkeley Dac to JDRG M7’s to audio physic scorpios.
I have a Mac system and was thinking of trying one.  Not sure what it would do to MY GE Triton Ref speakers as they have their own built in amps and DSP crossover.
There is more than one way to correct a room...  Grab a copy of REW and see how your system and room work together or against each other...
My bad... REW is Room EQ Wizard, free room acoustics software and audio analysis software.  There is also Dirac Live Calibration tool for miniDSP...  And, of course, just some plain old room acoustic treatment absorbers and diffusers...