Aural Sym IoGel with EMM Labs/Meitner cables

I have a DCC2/CDSD on the way and was wondering if anyone has tried different fiber optic cables, such the Aural Symphonics Optimism, or used the IoGel treatment on the standard EMM/Meitner issued fiber optic cables?

Optimism Fiber Optic Cable

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First off, I don't have a Meitner DAC, but I have used IoGel on the Audio Synthesis Link optical connection between my DAC and transport. I liked the results alot. It provides for richer sound on the Audio Synthesis gear.
It is not recommended for the EMM Labs gear. It has been tried with poor success.
I, too, have the CDSD and am awaiting the DCC2. I had a
Wadia 270 & 27i a while back and found the Aural Symphonics Optimism to better the supplied Wadia cable by a significant margin. The Audioquest Pro 1 cable was not as good as the Optimism, but noticably better than the stock Wadia. The Iso Gel did improve the Optimism's overall performance by 10%-20%. The Optimism is a smooth, rich, yet detailed cable and the Iso Gel took those characteristics to a slightly higher level. I look forward to the feedback on how the Aural Symphonics, or other high-line ATT optical cables interface with the Meitner gear.
The Io gel works very well at eliminating the air gap between the cable and the dac allowing for a more focused light beam to reach the dac.I found that the aural symphonics to be the best light cable i have tried,the version 2 is a fair improvement over 1 giving a 20-25% improvement in focus and high end extension.Fbhifi was smack on about the version 1 being rich and smooth while the v2 is more open and relaxed while giving a very natural presentation. I know Aural makes a 4000.00 dollar cable that is the pinnacle of light but only 4 have been ordered( mainly Japan, Germany). I can only dream of what that cable must do, apparently it is in a class all to itself in terms of resolution and detail.I guess that is why we still dream since I never thought I would own the version 2 or a Gnsc modded Wadia 8&15i.By the way I just did my whole system in Sistrum and the stands for the Wadias made a huge difference in terms of resolution and dynamics.The sp 101 stand is not cheap but it will blow your doors off if you try it under your source first and work your way thru to your speakers.Take care and good listening to all-Denis
Jonathan- was the poor success in terms of sound quality, or was the actual connectivity compromised by using it?
I had a problem with the Io-gel when I used more than the prescribed amount,it seems to block the receiving of the light signal.I took a little off and the dac was a ble to relock to the signal with no more problems.There is no problems when using Att glass and is highly advantagous in the fidelity area. Take care Dennis
The key to ioGel is to use a very small amount and only on the tip. In my experience, if used properly it does enhance the sound. I believe ioGel is now included with Optimism purchase.