Aurender A10 vrs N100

I recently upgraded from  Mac Mini as my source to an Aurender N100 going usb direct to the DAC in my McIntosh C2500 tube pre amp.   Sounds great and I love the Aurender app.  I do however experience some issues when changing sample rates and my DAC will "lock up" which requires a power cycle of the pre amp to correct.  I am considering a new DAC and the question is how does the A10 (with built in DAC) compare to say a Mytek DAC ?  Considering a N100 + Mytek would cost around the same as an A10 with built in DAC.  I like the idea of having one piece instead of two.  To eliminate the need for another expensive power cable and USB cable as well as space.  But I have not read many "glowing reviews" of the A10 .  I would like to get some first hand opinions from those of you that have experienced both set ups.  
Thank you