Aurender N150 vs N200

Wondering which one I should do as my first streamer. I.e. how much better is the N200? I was thinking N200 at first, to just do this once, but now thinking (more responsibly), N150 would be good enough for my first.

The rest of the system:

  • DAC -- Denafrips Pontus II
  • Pre -- ARC Ref 5se
  • Amp -- Art Audio Px-25
  • Speakers -- Blumenhofer Genuin FS2


I  agree with the advice that has been offered to you here. Your DAC is a nice unit but I do think it is a step below your excellent ARC REF 5SE preamp/Art Audio SET amp/speakers. If I were in your shoes I would get the Aurender N200 and at some later point a higher level DAC.


I sent an email to Aurender earlier this year, when I was auditioning different units I had borrowed (N150 and N10); and wanted an opinion versus the N200......I too have a Denafrips Pontus II. Their general guidance was that the N150 would not be my long term solution, and the N10 and N200 would grow with my system and not be outclassed.

In my system the N150 was a noticeable improvement on my current set-up (BS Node 130/LHY LPS/Iris DDC, but not enough for me to want to upgrade immediately.

The N10 was another beast altogether, it just transformed everything to such an exciting level and made me realize that streaming is my future source material. At that time I also realized that I will be spending much more on a streamer than I initially thought, but I am okay with that......if I can have that level of SQ. Personally I think I'll end up with an Aurender N20, but I'm keeping an open mind on Lumin and Innous.....I just have never had them in my system.

Just looking around today, a used N200 can be had about $4,300 and an N20 for about $8,000.

@vthokie83 The Aurender N100H was my first foray into server/streaming and it was impressive - esp at the price.

We recently added the N20 as our reference digital transport and, with the HiDiamond P4 power cord, the sound is amazing in both audiophile and musical attributes. 

Listening to (dry) tracks burned direct from the raw studio master tape is a revelation.

That said, the P4 power cord made a significant contribution and, as a disclosure, we are now the US distributor of HiDiamond.

N20? You can't go wrong with that investment...and it includes "Vtuner" - a nice bonus feature. Additionally, Ari provides world class support and is one of the good guys in this industry!

Jim Ricketts/tmhaudio




@saulh I am an authorized Aurender dealer and was just on another thread where the OP was contemplating between an Aurender N150 and N200. Given his current components, I provided guidance for him to start with the N150.

Given your current components, the N200 is a more fitting streamer. The N150 is a very admirable entry level streamer and a higher performer than many other competitors at its price point (Lumin, Innuos). The N200 however has a significantly better linear power supply and clocking architecture that will result in a wider, deeper and more holographic soundstage with a lower noise floor. The image will snap as well more due to its improved timing. And the best part is, you have great taste in components and speakers that are resolving enough to take advantage of the performance gains evident in the N200.

The point that others have made is the N200 is the better streamer, and yes one day your Pontus II DAC may need an upgrade. But that is the good news, not bad. The fact that the N200 will better your DAC at some point, means you can upgrade the other components and the N200 still not be outclassed.

How bad would it be to get the N150, then upgrade your DAC, and find that the recently purchased N150 is now the weakest link? IMO you should be looking at a used N200 ($4,200ish several places) or an N10 (which can be purchased new at Upscale Audio for $4,699 right now).

If I had the cash, I'd pick up the Upscale N10 right now. That model was a revelation when I borrowed one and had it in my system for about 6 weeks, and yes I also have a Pontus II DAC......which I did NOT feel was the weakest link at that time.