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Must read/enjoy for 300B.... and all tube lovers
@dhcod  Thanks for providing the link for this very insightful article. Typical high level Thomas Mayer detailed and educational writing. I owned the original first production run of the Elroy 300b tubes. I had 3 pair fail in my SET mono blocks o... 
Aurender N150 vs N200
@saulh  I  agree with the advice that has been offered to you here. Your DAC is a nice unit but I do think it is a step below your excellent ARC REF 5SE preamp/Art Audio SET amp/speakers. If I were in your shoes I would get the Aurender N200 and ... 
Lab12 DAC1 Reference Problem
@oddiofyl The rub is that it sounds soooo good.... I really have no plans to replace it anytime soon. I had a year trade up and knew early on i was keeping it. It’s a small inconvenience in the scheme of life. Agreed! That’s a wise perspectiv... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@willgolf  I am happy for you. I believe that you Aries Cerat audio system is going to sound spectacular!! Charles  
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@willgolf  I am trading my Lampizator Horizon for trhe Kassandra 2 DAC Congratulstions! If seems as though you are exchanging superb DAC for another superb DAC.  I assume that there is significant synergy having the Kassandra REF 2 in a syste... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@elrod  Dunno but i just mentioned I had a Helene in another thread, and then I got some of the "you fool" chuckles and snickers. I just smiled and kept on listening... keep in mind that some people fixate on the cost of components and the dis... 
Tubes, tone, and old age.
@noromance    Or maybe they prefer tubes over solid state because solid state has distortion that they don’t like. 👍 Tube or transistor distortion. Pick your preferred coloration/flavor. Charles  
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@elrod  Don't listen to any of the BS the naysayers may give you  - they've never heard it. Just pity the fool. I have to say naysayers are absent or minimal in number. All comments/feedback that I’ve encountered concerning the Helene DAC has ... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@tonywinga  Congratulations!!! From all I've read or heard via word of mouth the Helene is a superb sounding DAC. thanks for taking time to share your listening impressions. Charles  
Anybody heard the Jadis DA 88 Signature?
@thieliste That’s quite the compliment of the Jadis amplifier compared with the highly esteemed Vitus. I’ve only heard Jadis amplifiers in audio shows but they consistently impressed. Charles  
best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?
Hi guys, @audiocanada (OP) has specifically/clearly requested information regarding "one box"  combo components and people are recommending "separate" component alternatives. I do not doubt that the separate component combinations sound terrific ... 
1099- and PayPal
@jond  That said I am against this tax or in favor of leaving the threshold $20K or whatever it was previously.  Yes, that was my thought as well. Just to leave it alone.👍 Charles  
Coincident Line Stage Mk II vs Audio Research ref 10
The Coincident Statement line stage is simply superb sounding. I have not heard the highly regarded ARC REF-10 and have no idea how the two would sonically compare. I hope you can find the opportunity To actually hear the Coincident in your audio ... 
1099- and PayPal
@noromance If the tax system wasn’t such a nightmare of obfuscation and Heath Robinson complexity, it wouldn’t need to be staffed by one tenth of the nation 100% spot on!!! I have the highest regard for @jond but in this instance when is en... 
BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?
@wharfy  Thanks for the heads-up! Just loaded on my Aurender David I bet Ed Cherry’s trio sounds fantastic through your system .😊 Charles