Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line

I’ve requested an invoice.  My current system has an Audio Mirror 4 with Tele E88cc, Pass int-25, Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 speakers and a REL 12” sub.   The sound is to my taste in that it is organic, swings with the music and is not lean.  It’s a bit grainy and I attribute that to the Lumin u2 mini, internet radio and Spotify sources in who-knows-what amounts.  Enjoyable none-the-less as is, I am all in for the Aurender.  Talk me out of it.  Please!  


You can upgrade the U2 Mini power supply for a very high quality one with c. $500

Came late to this thread, but I purchased an N200 over the past year and have never looked back. I hesitate to say it is the last streamer I ever need to buy with my modest system (Meitner, Enleum, Nordost, ProAc), but I’ve found no flaws and am still amazed when I get to sit down and listen after a few days away.

I’m sure you’ll be very happy with your purchase.

I'm very happy with my A30 [2021] and W20SE [2022] in our systems.  We use Qobuz and the Hard Drives.   The Conductor interfaces with my iPhone and iPad are very good, not as easy as JRiver but still good.

@tvad I am using Conductor 4.10.8 on my N30SA. I have not yet submitted a request to upgrade it to Roon Ready and will try to do so this coming week. Per Aurender’s email to me, it requires 4.10 to work.