Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line

I’ve requested an invoice.  My current system has an Audio Mirror 4 with Tele E88cc, Pass int-25, Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 speakers and a REL 12” sub.   The sound is to my taste in that it is organic, swings with the music and is not lean.  It’s a bit grainy and I attribute that to the Lumin u2 mini, internet radio and Spotify sources in who-knows-what amounts.  Enjoyable none-the-less as is, I am all in for the Aurender.  Talk me out of it.  Please!  


Just make sure you have return privileges, as I had a helluva time getting my iPad to connect to my Aurender N10.   After months of fussing with Aurender customs support and sending it to Aurender for a new hard drive, I sold it for a sizable loss to TMR.   Ultimately, I think  my problem may have had more to do with my modem or my internet service provider (AT&T), regardless, I could not depend on it connecting.  Many happy Aurender users... but it didn't work out for me.

N200 is excellent and should be a good step up from your U2 Mini. 
As to grainy sound…I had a U1 Mini but was using Qobuz and Tidal. I don’t recall it sounding grainy. It’s definitely a level or two below the N200 but not a bad streamer. I would suspect cables (power, ICs, speaker), DAC or speakers. 
What cables are you using?


yeah, I can see how that could be painful.  I’ve not seen a trend, having researched a ton.  My experience with failing modems (a few) is they lead me down the path of suspecting the affected device when, in fact, the modem was on its last legs.  My current modem just locked up a couple of days ago, only a few months old.  It’s a one gig modem with a 400 k download provider.  I hope you are right about the modem.  I’m still at go for the Aurender.  Dammit.  Thanks for the heads up.  

As long as you are where you want to be in the Aurender lineup, you can’t go wrong, but make sure you know what going one step up will do for you prior to signing on the dotted line.  Great components..

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Aurender and Roon is coming........I have heard only to N series streamers.

I am waiting for maybe a N20 or N30 but not until.  And I wonder will there be any hardware differences? Worth waiting for me on an Aurender streamer, although I expect it will be a software update.  Still I would want a new unit that is Roon certified endpoint.


As per talking you out of the N200 how much is it?  I am seeing Grimm MU1's now used around 8k and they run Roon core and stream very well..  That is of course if you have decent content like Qobuz as @Soix so subtly stated:) 

I’m streamin’ and discin’ only so Roon isn’t necessary.  And I love web radio.  Spotify connect will do.  I can experiment with other providers once the streamer is on par with the rest of the system.  I’m thinking the mini is a bottleneck in any case so that’s my reasoning. Aurender’s eliminated reclocking spdif (I think) on this model but no complaints I’ve come across.  Some good points made though.  Thank you.

The Aurender UI, Conductor 4 app, is actually very good. Thr N200 is super stable. 
As a long time Roon user, I can say I got used to the Conductor app in about a day or two and don’t miss Roon anymore after a few months with N200.

I guess I’m not doing too good of a job talking the OP out of getting the N200 but it truly is a very good streamer  I haven’t heard the HiFi Rose. I didn’t even have it on my list of candidates when I was making a decision. 



It sits right at $6300 but I’m looking at a sizable discount from an authorized dealer.

@soix Aurender N200 is a dedicated streamer and not a streamer/dac combo.

@audphile1 Ah crap, I looked up the A200 by mistake.  My bad.  Thanks for the correction.

No Roon support if you are interested in integration and multiple end points.  

“It’s a bit grainy and I attribute that to the Lumin u2 mini, internet radio and Spotify sources”

N200 is a great streamer. However, you’re feeding U2 Mini with low resolution (mp3) streams. Both Web Radio and Spotify are low fidelity and nowhere near the SQ offered Qobuz or Tidal. I doubt you will hear much improvement with N200 over U2 Mini if you continue to stream with Spotify. Before you buy N200, try Qobuz or Tidal with U2 Mini and access if you still feel the need to upgrade. 


The mini has FLAC radio and the increase in resolution is noticeable as are Tidal and Qobuz, both of which I gave a shot.  What I’m reading about better streamers is an increase in dimensionality, separation, focus, realism and effortless delivery for a given resolution.  I currently don’t get that even with the better streams.  They can be more dynamic and focused but a bit dry and fatiguing.  Maybe “grain” was a misleading way to put it.

@wlutke keep in mind the N200 is more resolving than the U2 Mini so if the issues you’re describing exist elsewhere in your setup i.e components, cables and room acoustics, which I think they do, they will be exacerbated. You’ll figure it out when you have the N200 in your system. 

The Aurender N200 is an excellent unit. It will not be the bottleneck in your system. I have bought and tried all 3 Eversolo models including upgraded power supply and they were awful,l with a house sound in my system. The A8 was better, but still not as good as my Mac air . I got so frustrated I bit the bullet and purchased the HI Fi Rose 130 transport, thinking it would be the answer. I am glad it was the flavor of the month because I was able to sale it, for more than I paid. It also has a house sound I did not like. No dynamics at all, and a treble, that just was not right to my ears. Enter the N200. Finally a streamer that was better than my mac. The sound was natural and on par with my CD Player. I loved the N200 so much I only kept it 3 weeks and bought a new N20. I know there could be better, but I don't know how, because it is perfect in my system. Even my mp3's that I have recored are enhanced to the point, It would be hard to tell. The conductor app is easy to use and I have no problem connecting to my Ipad or iphone.


Should I get sound on par with my CD I'll be happy as a pig in spit.  Good to hear.


Thanks for the clarification. My last post was to ensure that you’ve exhausted all the options to maximize the performance of U2 Mini. Go for N200 and call it a day! 

I’m not a fan of Aurender. I started streaming with a Raspberry Pi using a DigiOne HAT for SPDIF out to my DAC. It ran great, sounded good, but wasn’t very elegant, so I replaced it with a new N100H from an authorized dealer. The Aurender was never really stable and after months of back-and-forth with Aurender’s only tech guy, I gave up. I dumped it at a loss for a Bryston BDP-3 and I’ve been happy as a clam every since. Aurender said maybe something was wrong with my filing system, but there’s nothing unusual there and I’d never had an issue using any other hardware or software.

I know many audiophiles love their Aurenders, and that (along with my dealer’s recommendation) is what led to my purchase. In the end, my Aurender was nothing but a nuisance. Good riddance.

I went from an Eversolo Master Edition with linear power supply installed to a used Aurender N200 for about $3000 on TMR (somehow it was a smokin' hot deal) and the difference was very apparent---Clear, detailed!.  I don't use Roon and stream Qobuz but I'm very glad I got the Aurender


I have, had exact experience with the N200 and iPad. Tuff to connect, can’t connect, lose connection after 10-20 minutes. Reboot iPad, reboot Aurender, reboot router. Took the iPad to Apple, said everything checks out, placed a service ticket with Aurender, back and forth, ultimately nothing they could come up with. 
THEN, I switched to the iPhone and wala, no more connection issues. Sorry you sold as I almost did. 

As others have mentioned, the Conductor App can be an issue for some people. For me, I can not add a song to a Qobuz playlist and support is still troublshooting. Original ticket was a month or so ago.  In addition, the program crashes once per session, which is any easy fix to reboot.  Otherwise, the unit itself is well built and I enjoy the sound.  


wlutke OP

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Should I get sound on par with my CD I'll be happy as a pig in spit.  Good to hear.

I don’t see why not. Few weeks ago I compared the N200 to Marantz SA10 spinning CDs. To make certain my comparison was 🍏 to 🍏 I compared an uncompressed FLAC rips on a N200 (Samsung SSD mounted inside the Aurender) to a CD played on SA10. The N200 was connected to the SA10 via AQ Diamond USB. To be honest I preferred the N200 in some case but it was nearly impossible to distinguish. It was not worse than the CD. 
Compared to Qobuz HiRes version of the same album is not a relevant comparison as it could be a different mix/master on Qobuz but I did that as well.
Judging purely from sound quality (tone, accuracy) perspective it’s on par with 💿 



There is an Aurender N10 for sale right here on Audiogon for $3k. I just purchased a used N10 to replace the N100 and it sounds great. From what I read, these models are more organic sounding than the newer models. I never had issue with the conductor app since I purchased the N100 6 years ago. BTW- I’m also using the Audio Mirror IV.

If you’re looking for a warmer sounding tube with less grain for your Audio Mirror, I bought an NOS Mullard 6DJ8 for $47 from Brent Jesse. 


I considered that option (N10) at length too.

Looks like a good unit.

I’ve used a Mullard, much prefer the Tele.

Is this thread’s title serious, or more a search for confirmation?

I have no need for any unit such as this and couldn’t be talked into spending 1/10th of the retail price for one, but seems you want to get it, so why would anyone need to talk you out of it?

I won't talk you out of it. I tested the N200 in my system, along with an N10. The N200 was close enough to the N10 in some areas, and superior in other sounded fantastic through my Denafrips Pontus II. When I upgrade, Aurender will be at the top of the list......depending on what is available at that time.

If you're getting the N200 at a sizeable discount (and don't need Roon), you'll have a great streamer


Tongue in cheek, looking forward to my upcoming acquisition.  Confirmation is welcome as are other points of view.  As always, they are aplenty. Good fun!

@cleeds said:

The Aurender was never really stable and after months of back-and-forth with Aurender’s only tech guy, I gave up. I dumped it at a loss for a Bryston BDP-3 and I’ve been happy as a clam every since.

Just to reinforce this (Bryston). I been running a Bryston BDP-Pi for years. Its based on the Raspberry Pi and has been discontinued but Bryston still supplied me with support which was rarely required . This little bugger has been rock solid for years. I use it as a ROON endpoint now for streaming Qobuz but the Bryston still has my local attached storage and I easily jump back over there when I want to stream a local file. Granted the Moose interface is spartan but it works and It can even control a optical transport if you like. Someday I am going to upgrade it to the BDP-3.

I had the Aurender N100H and hated the conductor app. It was terrible, it locked up my iPad many times and every time I connected with the app, it had to re-synch my music files to the player. This happened even when I did not add new music. I sold the unit for a big loss. I bought the Sony HAPZ1ES instead.

I think I read somewhere there’s a problem with using an iPad (that I think was fixable through changing a setting on the iPad if memory serves, which it frequently doesn’t) but no problem with an iPhone.  That was a while back so I’d hope they’d have that fixed by now but who knows.  Definitely worth checking into further to avoid potential headaches.

the 432evo Aeon sells for a similar price it is a bit more expensive, but not by a lot and offers features that aurenders don’t:


432evo servers are fully upgradable so as new parts arrive the server can be continuously improved.

You can upgrade from model to model so the aeon can be upgraded to a Master

Our servers are designed to run Roon and are full cores and endpoints

In terms of sound quality we have compared to the n10 and n20 and we sounded better.


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I have zero issues using iPad or iPhone with Conductor 4. 
I only have my Aurender for about 3 months though. Solid as a rock. 

I had the N200 on my radar for months and loved it when I finally demoed it. It’s very smooth and detailed. However once I decided to also buy an MSB Discrete DAC that has a BNC Word Clock output I moved up to the Aurender N20 that has a Word Clock input.  Vince at MSB recommended that I get a streamer with Word Clock input. It resulted in a significant improvement in the overall SQ of the digital front end. So if your DAC has Word Clock Output the N20 or any Streamer with Word Clock input is the way to go. Also the N20 is a noticeable step up from the N200 and also the Conductor App is excellent and very easy to use. In any case you will love the N200.




I too have had zero issues with Conductor 3 or 4 using either of my iPads (I have a very old iPad mini 2 running Conductor 3, and a current Air running 4) or iPhone.

I went from a Node to the N150. I think the Conductor app is superior in virtually every way. Rock solid, easy to use & multifunctional. 

Go for it!

An amplifier upgrade would be a far better improvement in my mind. 

Regardless, Spotify and internet radio both sound terrible compared to Qobuz and the like. Maybe start there. 

Not sure about the amp recommendation, but certainly agree with the Qobuz recommendation.