Austin, TX

I found a couple hits in the forum search but didn't see any evidence that anything came together. I want to start a "user group" here in Austin where we can get together and listen to each others music and equipment. If you're interested, send an email to and I'll try to put together a yahoo group or something simple like that where we can set up a forum and/or mailing list.

We had one get-together at Whetstone Audio (several years ago now) that I thought was pretty fun, so Brian if you're watching please send me an email if you have/had an email list that we can start with.

Happy Listening,
I am moving to Austin from Dallas. Next week. I'd like to join. My system is just a little fun to listen to :).

I'll send you a email to the above address.

Anything ever get going on a "group" here in Austin? I know Scott Oliver had worked on trying to get one together. There seems to be several of us that are interested but we seem to be lacking in the organazation dept.! Well I someday we can get a good one up and running.

We get together once in a while as a group. I've met a couple folks that I now get together more frequently with, including Scott(Soliver), who sort of keeps the big group organized. He has a list of all the people who have contacted him over the past couple of years. If you want to host something, then he's probably the one to contact first and I'm sure will help to get the ball rolling. It's probably time to have another big get-together so that folks can meet each other. The big meetings tend to be more social, which is good imo, because hopefully, you'll meet some folks you like and then can pursue smaller get-togethers where more serious listening is likely.

Anyways, glad to see more Austinites interested in Audio!

Am interested in finding out more about the Austin group.

Also need to find someone local to help me with turntable set up, cartridge alignment, VTA, etc.

Thank you.
Response seems to be pretty slow here, more action on audio circle if your interested. Also, I am having an audio meet at my house Sept 29th if you would like to come. This meet will coincide with the Lone Star Bottle heads(Tube/DIY guys) and should be alot of fun. If your interested you can contact me via email here on audiogon. Hope to see you there!
Johngp, Thanks for the invite, but I will be out of town that weekend. I will look for future posts. Know any good turntable set up guys in Austin?
Hi Dmgrant,
Well maybe you can make it next time or we can just get together and spin a few discs & LPs sometime.

As for a TT guy, I cannot for the life of me remember his name but he owns an audio shop here in north Austin(not the one on Koening), he really knows his way around a TT. You could also email Scott Oliver he is quite knowledgeable and helpul as well as knowing whom I'm talking about. Sorry but I can't remember his name or the name of his shop. If I can find it I'll post it for you. Talk soon....
You might mean Brian at Sound Mind Audio -- on Anderson Sq near 183. Great guy, sells Nottingham tables. Definitely worth talking too, he loves music and gear and will not send you wrong. Casey at Ne Plus Ultra also sells very high end stuff and has a variety of tables. The dealer on Koenig is Audio Systems, also sell some TT, not sure of the lines, maybe Rega. One of those three could help, but try Brian first.
That's it!! Brian, Sound Mind Audio. Thank you.

Oscar, you too are invited to my audio meet if you would like to attend. You are more than welcome and I would like it if you could make it, the more the merrier!!
Thank you - that's a generous offer -- if I can make it, I will. Saturdays are not great for me as I have a young son but I'd love to meet some fellow audiophiles.
Just to make any of you that may have intended to come to the meet at my house, the date has been changed to Oct 6th.

Are any of you gents still meeting in or near Austin? Would love to bond and listen to systems since I have the addiction.
Am well versed in TT setup and other oddities relating to audio/video.
Have been retired from the electronics industry so focusing more on hobbies and helping when I can.
Let me know if the meets continue and please add me to the list.
Thx, Don in Georgetown, TX

There is a relative active set of groups in Texas and the Austin folks have got together a couple of times in the last year but most of the action seems to be in Houston or Dallas. The best way of staying in touch with any or all folks in Austin seems to be the Audio Circle forum

Always happy to have new audio fanatics join! If that link fails, email me privately and I'll send further info.

I live in Houston, and I always assumed that Austin must have the most active and involved audio group in the state. I mean come on, with all the musicians and great live music in Austin?? There must be a ton of interested music buffs who are audiophiles? Like everyone else in Texas I want to find a reason to move to Austin, or at least relatively close in the Hill Country. I guess that's why it's the only city in Texas that is not super cheap to live in. I love Austin, great city.
Hey Macdadtexas, maybe we're too busy listening to live music (which you can still do in Austin any night) to be messing about with cables wondering how well the sonics compare to real musical instruments that we almost never hear :)

But seriously, the Houston group seems the nicest possible way.
I just found this thread and am disappointed that I missed the October meet. Please add me to the distro for the next one. I'll even volunteer to bring something to eat.