Austin, Tx Hillcountry Audio Club

Hey folks!
Well, the last meetup was tons of fun. The food was tasty, the conversation was excellent, and the music was awesome! Though a small cabling oversight prevented us from having the DAC shootout, we were able to hook up ARC DAC, and MAN was it fantastic! Associated gear: Either my unmodified Squeezebox streaming flac passed the digital stream over FO, or Lee's server streamed wav over USB, Both went into Lee's ARC DAC8 (I believe it was the DAC8...someone correct me if I'm wrong), this fed into my Yamaha C-80 preamp over Canare shielded homebrews, which in turn fed into my TAD Hibachi-II monoblocks (also using shielded canare homebrews), and finally into my Infinity Quantum 2's over 12ga monster wire.
Well, now that that is out of the way, we can move on to more important things...namely, the next meeting! Here is a link to my thread on AK:

Feel free to comment there, or you can send me a meassage directly:

We are having a lot of fun meeting new folks, hanging out with old friends, trying out different gear, and playing the hell outta some music. If this sounds fun, drop me a line, and I'll get you in the email list. (Your email will not be given to anyone else, without your permission. Period.)
Also, as I said in the AK thread, I'd love to get some feedback from you guys about the kinds of things you are interested in doing. Comparing gear is lots of fun, to me, because I a very limited range of experience. So much of what I am hearing is brand new, to me. Some of you might prefer to have a meeting or two that is more hang-out-and-socialize-with-music than strictly gear-oriented. Some may wanna do an artist swap, where everyone gets to bring a fav disc and spins a song or two. Just let me know what you guys want to do, and lets keep this thing going!
I sent an email to that address about a week ago and never got a reply, club already a goner??
I guess nobody is meeting anymore eh!!! why not? let's get this going again!!!
I've got a lot going on right now but I'd be down with a little listening session at some point.
There is a new audio club in Austin! They are 5one2audio listed on facebook. The next meet is August 21.
I searched Facebook under 5one2audio and came up empty.

Is there a meeting in September? Where can I find info?