AV RoomService EVP Isolation Footers vs Star Sound Tech

Waiting for my center channel and stand to arrive and need to make a decision on the interface between it and the stand . The stand matches the center channel (wood) and will be filled and use my Star Sound Tec 1.5" threaded spikes on carpeted wood floor. I was going to use another set of Star Sound 1 " brass points for the interface , but hearing many positive results using AV RoomService EVP's and Les Davis Audio Entropic Isolators is tempting me change it up.   .

Has anyone compared the Les Davis Entropic Isolators vs the AV EPV's ?.

It's to difficult for me to demo all three of these options . I'm just looking to get the best performance possible without overthinking it.    



I measured other EPV's feet against other isolation/decoupling, none of  the "foam" based come close to spring based feet. From Nobsound to Seismic Isolation pods and podiums do a much better job decupling and isolating that any of the of the foam-silicon-rubber mechanism, including the IsoAcoustic Orea and any of their products. I wish there was a way to put pictures here so I can show you, measurable, repeatable and reproducible test results.

If you know how to post pictures, let me know how. I have done RT60, decay,  and other analysis with REW measurements.