Avalon Compas


I've heard that there's a new speaker coming out in 2012 from Avalon called Compas, which will place itself inbetween the Eidolon and Time (and perhaps exlude one or both of them over time...?). It will appearently be available with or without the diamond tweeter.

Does anyone know more about this new speaker?
The drivers configuration in Compas looks similar to that of
Contriva ~ albeit Avalon seems to be using the smaller
Diamond tweeters (25mm instead of 30mm). Also 4,5" BCC mids
instead of 7"s.

Been enjoying my BCC Contriva for over two years now.. And
to my knowledge, Tidal have since the beginning of last year
incorporated these 'new' BCC drivers into the rest of their

Interesting.. But of course, ultimately is how the sound,
and I believe Avalon is one class act too. IME, properly
implemented, these new black ceramics are a delight,
imparting none the negativity ceramics are notorious for in
the past.
As one who has owned both Avalon (Eclipse, Eidolon, Eidolon Diamond) and Tidal (Piano Cera, Piano Diacera now), know that the Contriva has real magic. That being said, I too have great respect and admiration for Avalon designs.
Well said Bvd and Link. Exactly why I am so excited about getting a chance to hear the Compass which may capture some of the phenomenal atributes (magic) of the Contriva, for a price within my budget.

Has anyone heard of a price on the diamond version of the Compas. I hear $35,000 for the neodymium, butI can't find a diamond figure.
@Wpc, I noticed one blog posted a msrp on the Compas Diamond of $50k, however based on my discussions with Avalon I believe that is not correct. The msrp for Compas Diamond should be around $41k.

Thanks. I had read a forum refernce to the $50K and thought it was out of line. I wasn't able to find a credible reference until yours. Thx.