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Has anyone had experiences good or bad with speaker isolation or isolation in general ?
I previously owned a pair of Marten Coltrane Alto speakers which came with a stainless steel stand with integrated Black Diamond carbon cones & BD carbon cups. That combination was effective.My current Magico S5 Mk2’s have outriggers and stand... 
Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars
My vote would be on the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 @$12k new. The great thing about these speakers is they come with their own stands & can be driven with even flea-powered SET’s. They are a Stereophile Class A (restricted) component. Imho... 
Class D = Trash?
D = duck. 
I need a good Preamp
Vac or an ARC Ref 5 se. Different voicing, so this is a personal choice 
Too Much Power?
Auxinput, Agreed re: the dangers of under-powering speakers, especially power hungry speakers like my old Infinity Ren 90’s which had the Watkins dvc woofers. I’ve seen more than one vintage pair show up on Ebay with burnt aluminium traces (a tell... 
Too Much Power?
I agree with sfall. I mean, I have seen a strong amp (Boulder) over-drive small 2 way speakers (YG Carmel 1’s), but the Carmel 1’s are not true full range speakers. I’d recommend picking up a reasonably accurate DB meter to monitor DB levels. You ... 
Best standalone music server?
Well the best stand alone music server is probably the Aurender W20. Though ReQuest Audio's 'The Beast' and the Burmester 111 Music Centre are right up there. 
What is most important part of a system?
  geoffkait4,987 posts02-26-2017 6:33amactually, the value of the bow often far exceeds the value of the violin, even very good violins. It was just an analogy. 
What is most important part of a system?
Interesting that a violin builder puts the most time and attention into the body which gives the tone, not the strings which sing. That could be translated as the source transmitting through the speakers. Then the auditorium (the room) determines ... 
What is most important part of a system?
For me, the loudspeakers are the most important part of your system since. No matter how good your source is, if the speakers can’t convey the full dynamics, scale, impact and resolution as a coherent whole, with realistic sound staging and imagin... 
Agoners: Need Advice! Have 3K to spend on an Amp, what do I do with no way to audition?
As others have mentioned, my vote would be for a 2nd hand McCormack DNA500. There is one FS on Canuck Audio Mart at the moment asking $3kUS ($4kCAD), but if you keep an eye on USA Audio Mart they come up FS fairly regularly - http://www.usaudiomar... 
Ayon's "Scorpio" tube imtegrated amp vs PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium tube integrated??.
@aberyclark, personally I would lean toward a Leben CS-600 which can be found in good shape 2nd hand around your budget, unless you need inefficient speakers. That amp looks gorgeous & has a very good headphone amp which is a bonus - http://le... 
It is a good idea to purchase a vintage tube pre-amp.
@baranyi, I'd second the Modwright SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition which is $2900 mspr + $300 for the optional phono stage (with the caveat there are no balanced connections). The Backert Labs pre also looks like a bargain. 
It is a good idea to purchase a vintage tube pre-amp.
Faust, a happy medium might be something like the LS16 as bdp24 suggested, or even a later model. I'd keep an eye out on Agon, USA Audiomart & Ebay. My only advice is be cautious about the seller's feedback and condition of the amp. 
Most coherent low volume speaker with very fast bass under 10k used?
You can now find 2nd hand Avalon Eidolon Diamonds in good shape around $10k. Very coherent sounding and ticks all the boxes.