Avantgarde Duos - right for me?

I just wanted some opinions on the Avantgarde Duos as an upgrade path for my system.

My system currently consists of Manley 300b monoblocks, Manley Shrimp preamp, Acoustic Zen speaker and interconnect cabling and Omega Superhemp single driver speakers.

Overall I have been pleased with this system and just love the strengths of an SET/single driver system. Very intimate, great speed and tone, fabulous midrange, etc.

What the system is unfortunately lacking still is big dynamics and deep bass. I have read good things about the Avantgarge Duos but I cant find a local place to audition these speakers first hand. At any rate, I would certainly be looking to buy these pricey speakers used on Agon.

Any opinions on how the Duos would sound with the Manley 300b monoblocks? How small is the "sweet spot" on the Duos? I ask this because I do a lot of entertaining and would ideally like a speaker that has a decent sized listening area. What sized room do the Duos need to sound right? My living room is 18x24. Are there any other high sensitivity speakers that would be better than the Duos?
Bass integration is not mute at 14ft maybe in your room or its just not a problem for you. But in my rooms distance didn't mater sit to far image suffers sit to close integrations worse. Duos design is a comprise and sometimes the performance shows the design limitations. Still over all I enjoyed my time with Duo 2.2. Nothings perfect.
The Duos would be fine in your system and room. They would be difficult in a room much smaller than yours. I use mine (DUO 2.2) in a room 35x18 feet with 12 foot ceilings. They fill the room with sound and have been my best ever upgrade. Mine are used with a TRON Meteor tube preamp and Quad IIs. Your Manleys should be fine as they're have pretty quiet circuits. You'll have to play around with the subwoofer roll-off freq and gain as well as positioning - get those right and you'll be very happy.

Good luck,

You need to make sure your living near the Hi-Fi shop that you purchase the Avantgarde Duos from. I purchased a pair last year and live 1,000 plus miles from the Avantgarde dealer.

I paid extra from the dealer to come to my home to set-up the entire system which I purchased from a single dealer. The speakers were faulty fresh out of the box. Several weeks latter and close to an extra $1,000 dollars I was forced to pay both speakers were finally working.

Since then I have sent Avantgarde three letters with not one reply! Also beware of the cheap packing of the speakers. They are not packed anything like the quality of an apple product.

Hope my experience helps and good luck.