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Why Do Cables Matter?
 I have never read a cable review where reviewer started out by cleaning connections. Just pulling off a cable and reconnecting removes some oxide this would effect sound. Suggest looking at what the cable and connector's are made of more than wha... 
14 ohm 7” midrange driver
8535 is about 14ohm at the crossover point for your speaker.   
Does Anyone Use Pro Audio Speakers as their Main?
Pro-audio inc Tannoy monitors and Altec, RCA, Western Electric and JB Lansing theater horns and those can be superior to standard audiophile fair. 
Salk Future TBD
20 years in audio is a good run nothing lasts forever.   
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
Im spending about 20k DIYing a few horns. In my opinion, if you have a bit of skill your funds go much farther and you get better end results than buying product that's not even designed for your use, system, room, decor, budget, and listening tas... 
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
I would bring home some giant speakers. Pour a big glass of bourbon and blaze up the biggest Cuban I could get. And let her negotiate something smaller.   
FerroFluid aging
https://www.stereophile.com/content/bampw-matrix-800-loudspeaker-specifications  Ferrofluids dry up after about a decade or so and can be replaced but it's a pain. And once dried up you have metal in your VC thus damage can occur. I avoid it at al... 
High end speakers at low volume
I use horns with a coaxial midrange and dual 21-inch woofers preside in my office system. It's on many hours a day. At times I use it for moves or gaming. Its an amazing-sounding loudspeaker and at lower levels is articulate dynamic engaging with ... 
Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.
Most amusing album or song titles
Most amusing album or song titles
horn or line array?
Anybody Try A5s With Pass XA30.8?
Altec a5 is a great choice Magico will just cost a lot and be worth less every year till you get rid of them an Altec a5 would increase in value and always be enjoyable long after you have passed away.  
Gary Fischer Horn Speakers??
If wanting an Altec buy one if wanting a horn an Altec copy isn't the best way.  
Speaker impedance and sensitivity
British monitors are designed for low-level nearfield listening and have an altered bass response. They do not play loud and if fed lots of power quickly generate thermal compression. They are a relic of audios past and are not that useful today. ...