AVM amplifiers, sound signature?

Hello to all.

Anyone listened the AVM components? How is the brand signature sound? Not too much info about it..

The only thing I know about AVM is that most of their amps are Class D. That could be a great thing or not but I haven’t heard any.  I have heard the T&A and they sound great.  
Hmm.. I was looking at their products lineup, I think the only class d are 2 entry level integrates, the power amps are all class ab...

Anyway, very curious to know the thoughts from people that listened some AVM components, appears that they are more popular in Europe..
AVM is not class D. Its Class A/AB as far as i know. I have some experience with the Evolution Range. Currently running AVM M30 Monoblocks into Dynaudio Sapphire. It will play in the same league as a NAD M22, Bryston 4B, Rotel RB 1590, to name some better known competitors. The sound signature is: transparent, detailed, not cold but nicely analytical. I had also the Preamp of the evolution series. I did not like it as, for my taste too analytical, thin sounding. 
I have a Benchmark DAC3 HGC which serves as preamp also. It is detailes, musical, transparent, fullbodied, It complements the AVM M30 nicely.

There is the more expensive Ovation series that plays in an other leage. Some of the models have tube sections, probably sounding slightly different again.

But yes in Germany, their origin, they have the image of being analytical and transparent. 
Hope this helps a bit.
Upgrade regarding AVM.
In the meantime I upgraded from the Monoblocks AVM M30, fed by the Benchmark DAC3 HGC to their Ovation line Integrated A6.2. This is a purely ‚analog‘ device, meaning no streaming or DAC section. AVM introduced the A6.3 which now has the digital section integrated. The 6.2 where ‚on sale,, competitively priced.

I can hear that the AVM sound has matured into a full bodied, colourful yet detailed sound. According to several reviews the Ovation line is among the very best amps namely Pass, Gryphon, McIntosh, Devialet, Krell. The built quality is like a German tank. The A6.2 is a stunnig device, delivering powerfull, colourful, performance.