Ayon auris or a vac renaissance mk5 preamp

I have a very first world problem. I am in the market for a mid range preamp. My system is LP only with a EAT forte, morche DP8 and ortofon A90' tri phono TRV EQ3SE vtl2.5 plinius sa250 usher BE10. All cable is shunyata anaconda and i intend to use balance ICs. I Have tube rolled the vtl with RTF 12au7. The sound of my system is fast, dynamic and detailed. I have short listed the VAC renaissance and the Ayon Auris. One is 12AX7 and the other a 6H30 tube preamp. Any audiogon  inmates have any experience with either? I have recently listened also to the VTL 5.5 sig mk2 but it wasn't hugely better than my moded 2.5. The auris with all boxes ticked (signature and balanced) is similar in price in NZ as the VAC. 

I can't help much here by way of comparison as I have only heard a VAC power amplifier.  Incidentally I also shortlisted VAC with Ayon, Conrad Johnson, and Rogue Audio (their new pre's are very interesting) in my search for a new pre-amp.

What I can tell you is that that I have the Ayon Eris and it is absolutely fantastic.  On a general note I think the 6H30 is better than the 12AX7 and not only because it has more tube warmth.
Thanks andrei_nz, useful info. I have heard the eris , its lovely and i assume the auris is a similar family sound. 

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