Ayon CD 1 acting up

I have an Ayon CD 1 that is about 4 years old. On two occasions in the last week or so, while playing a CD there was a static noise that increased over a couple of seconds and then no sound. I stopped the CD and restarted it on each occasion and then it started playing again normally without an issue.

This has been an isolated issue but I was wondering what was causing it. Could a tube be going bad?
Sounds like the sensor under the cover lid is loose; contributing to that type of problem. It can be easily fixed and repaired; a well know problem with the Ayon lid assembly. Don't think its your tubes, or laser pickup assembly. Paul can suggest a corrective action plan for you that's not too expensive.
THanks, I'll give USA Tube Audio a call, they have always been helpful in the past.

Another problem that has occurred very occasionally is that the player will kind of lock up when starting a CD by hitting play. That is the track number comes on, but does not play and it will not let me do anything else. If I turn off the player and restart it, it starts up and works fine. Maybe this could be related? I'll check with USA tube audio.

THanks again for your input.