AYON CD-1s CD Problematic Tracking Issue

Have a gently used AYON CD-1s I just acquired. I have a serious CD tracking conundrum ..

Whenever I load a CD manufactured by a brand name, it sets up properly and plays.

Occasionally, however, I have a problem with these CDs (eg too much warp or other), and I need to make a copy .. so I make a copy using laptops I have ..

the copy plays WITHOUT any problems on my laptop(s) and on my old retired Melos tube CD player (which uses a Sony player, is 15+ yrs old, and has been very very heavily used) but it never sets up and plays on the AYON CD-1s ..

I usually end up making 2-4 copies, until one of the copies finally 'takes' and plays properly .. the other day I made 3 copies of a CD, and NONE of them took (the original CD rotated with a tick-tick-tick for some reason, so I needed to copy it) even though ALL CD copies played without problems on both of my computers, and on my old Melos.

So how do I get CD copies to play on this machine??? Is there any secret??? Do I need to use a special CD copy machine??

I suspect that the inner tracks of the copies are a bit too close to the CD center, and the AYON tracking head doesnt go into the center far enough to pick up the track start, whereas manufactured CDs have the inner track start a tiny bit further out from the center of the CD, and the AYON head picks up the start


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This is your answer to your question,whether you like it or not.I just had (have) the same problem with my CD (EAR Acute) player.I found that certain Cd's would play and some would not.I get that same ticking sound and the player will not read and load that CD.I found it was mainly European discs that were overly long.I t was very frustrating and still under warranty,so i took it to the EAR tech locally.He did an extensive trouble shoot on the unit and tried three new lasers.It was not until we compared two of the same Phillips discs,one of older manufacture and one of very recent vintage that we discovered the issue.Some of these discs have an inner"fill in" at the center that prohibits the disc from being read in certain machines.Yes,the same unreadable discs do play fine in my Oppo and even in my car.
I would be curious if others have had this issues and before you start to tinker around with your unit consider what i have written.Of course,i would invest in the time and money to have someone familiar with your brand of player to scrutinize the issue.
Your follow up to this would be most interesting to read.Good Luck!
Hi all ! Maybe check and see if there is even a very small piece of dirt or goobage ( just thought that one up )on the laser . If not you might have to send it back to seller or maybe contact Ayon . I just got my Ayon player a a week or so and it is much more musical than what I have heard in any player , hope you can get this worked out .
If it makes you feel any better, my Ear won't play copies, and a few SACD hybrids, but has never failed to play a standard CD. If you are having an issue with the Ayon, I would contact USA Tube Audio. In my experience, they are very helpful and service oriented.
thanks for all the feedback -- i sent this note to USA TUBE AUDIO .. we'll see what they have to say..

Its not that i cant get copies to play, period .. its that i usually have to make 2-4 copies before one finally takes .. i gave up on the last attempt, and wrote this to see what others had to say
You know, just a little off topic but something to get off my chest, I've always been a cd player type of guy...don't mind looking through bunch of cds for the one I want, and I'm not a computer nerd. But at the same time, if I spend anything more than 2-3K on a cd player, I expect the thing to play all my cds (not talking about sacd) for years to come. I understand things wear out and so on, but still...crappy, cheap dvd players, even my portable cd player last a long time and high end equipment that should go through thorough testing to ensure long life keep crapping out after few years.
I agree 1000% .. there are also have a few other minor things which dont work quite right with this AYON unit, and the unit isnt that old .. (i) re the digital up-sampling light .. only the top portion lights up, so the lower LEDs dont work; (ii) I always set it to 'entire CD replay' .. first, this should be a default setting, like on my melos sony drive, not something you have to set with each CD you insert .. also, after so many repeats, the counter locks up .. easy to reset by pausing and restarting, but nevertheless something which should never happen; (iii) also I like the track time to count down .. again I have to set this up for each CD which is more than annoying .. it should be a default setting; (iv) also if the remote control breaks, you are basically out of luck, since very few options are available on the player (again, my melos sony had everything right on the player, as well as on the remote)

so re the user interface .. its clear AYON spent most of its time engineering the circuits, and very little time with the user interface and digital information stuff, both of which are weak (and would be trivial to fix)