Ayon Mercury, Spriit, Triton

I'm looking for a tube amp to mate with a pair of Legacy Classic HD speakers. I have read great things about the Ayon amps. It seems a lot of people have experience with the Spriit and Triton. Has anyone had any experience with the Ayon Mercury? My music style is Female Vocals, Contemporary Jazz, R&B. I listen to music at low to medium levels.

I feel the Ayon Spirit II will provide enough power in Triode mode (40 watts) for what I need. The Triton might be overkill but who will turn down more tube power (80 watts Triode). My question is how will the Mercury fair (25 watts Triode)?
I have a 2nd system and I am using the Triton with a pair of Legacy Focus SE and I am very, very satisfied. I am pretty sure the HD & the SE’s are very similar. I see it as a perfect match, I love the soundstage. The Legacy speakers work best with a more powerful amp, like the Triton, more control. Buy it – you will be very satisfied.

I understand that Legacy & Ayon are showing at RMAF 09 and Ayon will be using the Triton with the SE’s.
Preface - I am not affliaited with USA Tube Audio other than as a customer. Given you're talking the product line with not give Paul at USA Tube a call - have found him to be upfront and informative about the Ayons - I purchased the Spirit 2 (using it with Tyler Acoustics 90db 8 ohm) and am thouoghly enjoying it especially with swapping in some NOS RCA 12 au7s , liked it with Sylvanias as well.