Ayon Spirit-1 small tube circuit topology question

I have a friend that is likely to get his first tube amplifier and it looks like it will be an Ayon Spirit-1. I want to help him with a bit of tube rolling for the small tubes. The large tubes are Gold Lion KT88's, so those will stay.

But for the three small tubes, does the one in the front center position split the signal or something and send it to the two in the back?

Also, will the amp use 5814 tubes? If so, I might go with an RCA 5814 in the center spot and some Mullards in the other two positions, but I first need to understand the topology.

Thanks for any help.
Yes it probably is a phase splitter and the other two drivers. You can sub a 5814 if the stock tube are 12AU7s. RCA is my favorite but if you really want a treat try to buy some 7316s.
Over on Audio Asylum in their classifieds there is a good guy TVR2500 or something like that who may have them still and at a fair price. They are Heerlen Holland late 50s early 60s Amperex made for IBM Hewlett Packard etc for special instrumentation.
I have no affiliation at all with TVR....Just know him as a buyer.

Thanks for your reply. I read the owner's manual and it mentioned "signal and driver tubes." I have Rogue M180 monoblocks and they have their small tubes arranged in a little triangle just like the Ayon, so I figured they were similar and when I read the little blurb in the owner's manual, I figured that was enough to give it a go.

I too like RCA tubes. I have four RCA 5692s in my preamp. In the monoblocks I have an RCA 5751 in the center (12AX7) position and RCA 12AU7s in the driver positions.

Once we're done with the final tube set I'll post an update.

Thanks again for your help.