Azimuth 2020

How do you set your cart's azimuth in the 21st century?
I ever made the following joke. ''Are you listing to the music?''
''No I am still adjusting''...
I use those small ''levels'' on the headshell (on the record). The
job of the manufacturers is to produce correct cartridges without
''deviations''. If so than ''parallel adjsutment'' should do. Those who
own many cartridges and enjoy their ''rulation'' have no time
for ''endless djustment''. 
I still use a MOFI Geodisc. Works pretty good for me on SME V arms. Make minor adjustments and and tweaks if needed afterwards. Rock solid imaging without sibilants.  
Physically it is the best way what Nandric, Lewm, and audioquest4life experience. Nevertheless I am curious if electronic measurements do mirror our listening findings.