B&k Reference 30 Preamp

I am interested in getting owners opinions on this preamp. It will be used with McIntosh SS amplifiers, to listen mainly to music. I was considering the Integra Research RDC-7, but there are no dealers in my area. Thanks.
I am also interested in the Ref 30, but I recommend you hold off for a few months. The current Ref 30s do NOT have discrete 6.1 capability (DD EX and DTS ES). What they do have is a matrixed version of 6.1 ("Surround EX" and "THX EX") in which the signal for the rear channels is matrixed from the side surrounds much the same way the center channel is matrixed from the front mains in Dolby Pro Logic. According to a tech at B&K, the DD EX and DTS ES software won't start appearing in the Ref 30 for about another one to three months.
Hi.. just ordered a B&K 30. Below is a link to a pretty thorough review. I would guess that if music is as important as DSP modes then the ref 30 should be near the top at its price point. Especially since it has 5.1 inputs and analog bypass on most of its other inputs. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_7_4/b&k-ref-30-preamp-processor-12-2000.html Also Dolby Pro logic will be comming soon, but that is not a good reason to wait since it and the discrete surround ex updates are implemented on a simple firmware chip that your dealer can install or even as user. Those formats are after all just algorithms embeded in code that the Motorala DSP decodes.
Does your DVD player have to have EX/ES capability in order for the processor to decipher the signal? If so what DVD players have that capability?