B&O Beomaster 1000

I'm new to the site, and even newer to starting a new discussion.
Also not sure how to view any replies.
While busy de-cluttering while keeping my bubble small during the pandemic, I came across my old faithful Beomaster from the late 1960s.
I'm hoping the group will guide me along in determining if it has any value, and if so to who.
Where would I advertise it for the right audience.
Otherwise I'm enjoying all of the various discussions and threads that are posted.
Thanks for any assistance and ideas.

Nice little amp. Not a lot of power but I'd use it for an office or desktop system. They seem to go for about $50-$100. The only problem is that the old electrolytic caps are probably shot and need replacing. The cost of doing so will exceed the value of the amp.

Most guys looking for 60s gear are looking for tubes, other than mac affectionados. Most first gen SS amps sounded pretty bad by today's standards. I think that the Beomaster 1000 is an exception but then again maybe I am.

Thanks for you reply.
I agree with what you are saying. Not looking for a high value solution or afficiandos.
Just somewhere that it would be appreicated for what it is.
Does anyone have another site to suggest, else I'll just do Craigs list, eBay, Facebook, Kijiji, etc.
Appreciate any leads, don't want to scrap the unit, will donate it first but to whom.