I was listening to Coast to Coast (on AM) with Art Bell over the weekend, where the topic was B.roadband over P.ower L.ines. I guess the idea(as I understand it) is to offer braodband internet on ANY wall outlet that comes in to the home. Art is an avid HAM operator, and says that this will ruin HAM radio, b/c of this signal/info riding the power lines EVERYWHERE! He stated an increase of 30db. across the operating frequencies of HAM radio. I wonder if anyone else has heard about this. Joe Walsh was also a guest and was saying that Japan and the Netherlands had alreay tried it and gave up, more headache than it's worth. FEMA has also commented that it would ruin thier emergency radio system from all the "Pollution." The FCC has been relatively quiet on the cons, and brushed aside the concerns of FEMA. What kind of effect would this have on our sound systems, let alone our lives.(Big Brother) One, plus(they say)is when the milk goes bad, your refrigerator will order more, are we this lazy? Just thought I would see if anyone else has some more info?
That would be frightening! With the right technology built into appliances, your life would potentially be an open book. So what TV shows and movies are you watching? What radio stations are you hearing? Every appliance might be hooked into the network. That would result in a bit of information overload, but a lot of marketers would be happy campers. Maybe I'm just paranoid though; some of that is already potentially available to snoopers via TV and PC broadband. Good topic -- I look forward to more dialog.