B&W 801 matrix in a smallish room?

Im now using 805`s with a subwoofer,& what is an 801 but a monitor on a sub.My 805`s like to be played loud & need a well dampened room,& I was wondering if anyone was doing this with good results.(my room is 14ft x 16ft) thanks
I have been using a pair of 801 ser.II's for 8 years now in a 14 x 18 x 13 ft room, however it opens up on either side of a large fireplace into another room. I would have to say that with very carefull speaker placement, decent room acoustics and some treatments, along with the right kind of amplification (control), it can be done. I still get too much bass about 20-25% of the time, but otherwise they sound way better than many other expensive speakers I have auditioned. I have recently moved to more tube friendly speakers, but I am keeping the 801's for now. If your room is boomy to begin with and you cant use treatments to help with this(spousal issues), then I wouldn't try it. Hope this helps, Jim
I did it for many years in a same size room.No problems if you can bring them out from the wall a few feet and don't overstuff the room with furniture. The 801s are a little forward but for me using a tube linestage and a solid state amp ,it worked very well.
I used them in an 14x12x8 room with great results. However, I also used a homemade trio of Room lenses, a couple homemade bass busters in the corner and misc other treatment in the room, including someting behind me as I had to sit so close to the rear wall. Placement is tough as you have to keep moving them around until you find the right spot. Once you find it they can sound very good in a small room. When I moved it took a long time to get my much larger room to sound as good. So, I guess I'm saying yes, they can sound real good in a smallish roomn if you're willing to work at it. That's my $.02. Mark

PS: Make sure you have a good powerful amp to drive them as they need it for the bass.