B&W 801 speaker cable suggestions

I recently purchased a used pair of B&W N 801 speakers and wish to upgrade my speaker cables to something that would complement these speakers. I am currently running MIT Terminator 2 single wire cables at this time. I am using a Sunfire Ultimate receiver as my main power source and using an Arcom Apha 8 CD player with cardas Quadlink 5C IC. Some of the cables I am considering are 1) Tranparent Music Link 2) XLO Ultra 12 3)Cardas Cross.I am thinking of going bi-wire with the above cables.

Any thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks, Mike
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and I always love these kind of suggestions, despite that the main post says that the speakers were already purchased...
Forget about a pair of B&W 801N speakers. Spend a few bucks more for the B&W 800N and you'll never look back. The B&W 800N speakers are incredible !!

I think this is great!!!
Been doing much research looking for speaker cables myself and the two that keep coming up are Alfa Core Goertz MI2's and Kimber 8TC's.
Thanks for your responses so far. Has any one had experience with XLO ultra 12 bi wire cables or Cardas Hexlink 5C or Cross?

Don't use Cardas cables the will cut of an important part of the mid freq. I would suggest Kimber in your situation. I play with the 800's with Valhalla loudspeakercable, but that is I guess to much.The tweeter you are using can sound hard with some cables. Never use Siltech. I had the 802N for over 6 years. For the 801N you need power for the low freq.
I use the Transparent reference cable to connect the signature 800. Highs are smooth, bass is solid, with a realistic presentation of depth.