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B&W 801N and Bryston match
Sacman this is the information I was looking for. I know you ended up with the Krells but how did the others do in comparison? What differences did you hear between the amps? 
B&W 801N and Bryston match
So what I'm hearing is a mix of views. I guess I would be more comfortable if I heard more positives than negatives. What about Mcintosh MC352 as an alternitive? 
B&W 801N and Bryston match
Soix I am currently running a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver as an amp into an Integra 80.3 processor. I'm starting to have issues with the Sunfire where the sound will just drop. I think I will repair the Sunfire but I always heard that B&W speake... 
B&W 801 speaker cable suggestions
Thanks for your responses so far. Has any one had experience with XLO ultra 12 bi wire cables or Cardas Hexlink 5C or Cross?Mike