B&W 802 S3 or PSB Platinum T6 Mastering Engineer

Hello everyone. I just joined this great community and I am very excited to be a part!

Here is my question. If you were presented with the option of a Very Mint pair of 802 s3 or a brand new pair of PSB T6 which would you choice?

I will be using one of these pairs for Mastering Audio in my studio.

Any input is much appreciated!
The 802d I know well & have worked with them many times for tracking & mixing. The question should also include which amps you intend to drive them with?

The 802d do need power. Best I have heard them with in a studio enviroment is biamped with classe ref monos. I didn't like them using Bryson.

I have never seen PSBs in a studio. But you could be the first!
the 802s are a little hot on the top compared to the PSB, so take that into account.

802Matrix s3

I have not heard the PSB’s.

As far as the 802s3 go – assuming you are referring to the 800 Series matrix line.

They can all sound hot, cold, lean, warm, lukewarm. It just depends on what is feeding them.

They are a revealing studio monitor.

I agree with Chadaeffect on their synergy with Classe and not with Bryston, at least the gear prior to sst in my case. Found them cold, sterile with a Bryston nrb amp. The amp did however have very good bass control.

All B&W Matrix and prior IMO - should be powered by amplifiers rated for their maximum power if no protection circuit is involved. These are shown as 600 watts so a ciruit is involved. I would not power them with under 200 wpc if you want to hear what they can do. Its the price of admission. Too many people pick these speakers up at good prices and then under power them a 125 (+ -) wpc amplifier. They end up sounding lean and the tweeter harsh I found. They are pigs for power.

These are 90db. So a nice tube amp should also work really well. My tougher 87 db 801’s work well with a MR RM9 tube amp. A tube preamp is also highly recommended.

Keep them in good shape and you will get what you paid for them 5 years from now or more. How many other audio gear can claim that.

Good Luck