B&W cdm 1nt B&W cdm 1se Whats The Difference

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Those are both quite old. If recall correctly,, the 1NT uses a nautilus style
tweeter while the SE uses more of a standard dome tweeter. I owned the
NT, but only heard the SE on a couple of occasions. If memory serves, the
NT was the better speaker overall. More coherent and smoother.
I've owned the CDM 1SE for about 11 years but have not listened to the CDM 1NT. Both are fairly good speakers during their time but are sadly eclipsed by newest and latest models available in the market today(not those from B&W). The trickle-down Nautilus tweeter of the CDM 1NT is said to offer slightly more refinement and detail than the 1SE. If you are still looking at these two models I would pick the 1NT.

Good luck.