B&W N805's hump in the upper bass. What to expect?

The graphical results (by Stereophile) of the frecuecy response in these speakers show a hump in the upper bass. Technically, how does this boost affect the overall sound in the speakers? Does this have advantages/disadvantages?
It depends on your room acoustics. your listening position may have a dip in the upper bass.
They seem fine to me apart from the limited bass response. In my room they definitely don't sound overly boomy. In fact they might need an accompanying sub. But, whatever bass they give it is detailed and tight. As mkfisher2000 says, do audition them at home if you can.
Sorry, Mkfisher2000, I have owned N805 since 2000, changed the placements many times, and never had the hump Stereophile described.
Many manufacturers of monitors/smaller speakers engineer a slight "hump" in the upper bass. They do this trying to compensate for a lack of the lower frequencies that only a 10, 15 or 18" woofer can produce. It shouldn't be noticable as long as you keep them away from the walls.