Bacch DSP offer

I've been planning on purchasing the Bacch4Mac 3D imaging bundle and came across the following offer that some Agon members may be interested in:

BACCH-ORC is now available for $1000 as an optional module of BACCH-dSP 14 (Audiophile Edition and above), the application at the heart of Theoretica's BACCH4Mac products, released on February 16, 2024. However, to mark the launch of the new technology, we are offering a free perpetual license for BACCH-ORC with any purchase of BACCH4Mac Audiophile (and higher edition levels) made by March 3, 2024. Current owners of a licensed copy of BACCH-dSP Audiophile (or higher levels) with a valid software update service plan by that date will get a free perpetual license for the BACCH-ORC module, in appreciation of their early adoption of BACCH4Mac.

Note that this $1000 off deal is only good through March 3.  I will move up my purchase to take advantage of the offer and others may wish to do the same.

Tom Reepmeyer

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