Bacch SP ???

Did anyone listen to the Bacch SP system at Axpona?  I am very curious about this technology.


I was there at Axpona. I did not want to invest my time studying the technology until listening. Did it create a 3D soundstage? Yes, it did but they were using active speakers of unknown quality they did not mention the source(was I suppose to know? is it the Bacch?) and the content(music?) was gimmick laden. From the little I have read it brings out nuances and spatial cues already in the recording and spotlights them. Does nothing for resolution/tonal balance/timbre ect. I can only speak for myself but purchasing better gear and working on room acoustics/power treatment and.vibration control is a better way to improve your system. Don’t assume this will make a $10k system into a $20k system or a $50k system to near reference level. IMO opinion this appears to be an updated version of a graphic equalizer. I understand audio is just a "Grand Illusion" so what is wrong with altering the recording to one taste/likes. If you have that mindset regarding HEA and are a multi channel/video type give it a try. Lastly lets see how this technology evolves maybe in 5 years there will be a vast improvement or it will be just another forgotten gimmick we all will chuckle about.

@dayglow were you able to go through the Binaural headphone and camera setup. Or sit in one of the two center seats?

@bg1968 Sat in a front center seat then moved to center middle to see if more 3D sound and depth/layering was created. Sounded the same front/middle center. The sales rep did not explain anything. I know music was playing with 2 other guys there maybe he went through all the tech geek speak 5 minutes before I was seated? My question is why were active speakers used? Convenience? Does the Bacch act as a streamer? Maybe I should have researched the product better but from what I heard my impression is its just another source(music) altering device that might be ground breaking in its application but not in results.

This is really weird. The system follows you around the room and I think you have to wear a location device, or tracks you around the room?

And then there's software you have to install and configure and modify.

Not sure I see a future for this, and hate to buy it and not be able to resell it. It is very expensive.

Marketing presence seems to be nonexistent. Too much to deal with.