Bache Audio - Home audition of Brooklyn made re-designed speakers

My recent visit to Bache Audio in Brooklyn turned out to be great experience. After listening to a few models Gregory (the owner of Bache Audio) kindly agreed to let me audition one at home with my own system. I choose model called Lexington. At home it sounded even better than at Bache's show room. Open highs and tight natural bass. The way I understood, it's a new mythology with only 1 crossover.  The result was pure music to my ears.  Loved it! Even the look...Red leather...:).Just wanted to share with you folks and to see if anyone else visited Bache's show room or had listened any of their models...?
Hey Vitas,

I have had the pleasure to professionally review two different Bache Audio speaker models and found them to be superlative music makers. I gave both very high ratings. Gregory is a good person and a smart designer of transducers.
I have auditioned Bache audio's Lexington speakers (previous version, not the current one ) at my place with my electronics. I loved the no cross over design. The vocals and midrange were phenomenal. I am sure they are even better now with the new drivers. Also Greg is a great guy with phenomenal ideas.
Listening before you buy has become a virtually obsolete concept.  Much better to imagine what a speaker sounds like based on posts from people who maybe heard it once at a show or not at all, or from a You Tube reviewer who doesn't play any music because of copyright issues. Funny enough, that seems to be the new norm.  Shame.  Nothing beats a good demonstration and home audition.  Now that you're happy, I bet you're not really concerned that there are 100 other speakers out there you could have bought blind online for the same price or less. Smart move you made.  
Happy Tribeca owner here. Greg is an excellent designer and just a great person to deal with. I sold my rebuilt Quad ESL 57s as I find my Tribeca’s to be more engaging. 
The home audition is very important. I first heard a Bache speaker at a local NY Audio Show, then made my way to the Brooklyn showroom. But in my listening room with my tube electronics and analog gear the Tribeca’s sound even better.