Bache Audio Tribeca

I was impressed with Bache's Lexington speaker at the New York Audio Show this past November I decided to go to Bache's showroom in Brooklyn and take a listen to the Tribeca speakers. To make a long story short, I took delivery of my pair about 10 days ago. I have owned many speakers including Thiel, ProAc, Verity, Coincident, Rethm, Nola, Shahinian, and I still own Quad 57s and Audio Physic Tempo Plus speakers. These Bache speakers are music makers; very coherent, perfectly balanced from top to bottom, have tight, articulate bass, and throw off a huge 3 dimensional soundstage. Having lived with PK rebuilt Quad ESLs for many years I'm very sensitive to the midrange. The Tribeca's have a beautiful midrange that's very smooth and transparent with absolutely no fatigue.

In my speaker search I was considering speakers that were 3 times the price. I can confidently say that the Bache speakers perform well above their price.
They do look very interesting and I wished I could hear them over here on the west coast.