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Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck
I'll be getting one here soon to replace my modded Auralic Aries G1  
Fyne, speaker cables
I use Transparent Audio and would recommend them on any speaker. They had a very good sound when I had my Fyne speakers.  
Advice on B&W 800D Vs Diamond
If you plan to go with the original D series or older, also plan on using a lot of power to get the best out of them. The older they get the more power you can feed them. When they did the D2 version and changed the drivers they get better in the ... 
Hifi Rose 150B vs. Auralic Altair G2.1
I did a similar comparison with the 150B and the Aries G1 (search my name to read if you like). Sonically they are pretty close, IMO, and I kept my Aries simply due to the Rose not being $3k better and it also has a ton of features that I'll never... 
What are your exact settings for volume and low pass filter on your SVS sub?
I have a pair of the Micros behind my floor standing speakers (see virtual system) in a smallish room and I think mine are at -20db and x-over at 53hz, so in the same area as you and I agree with Doyle as well.   
Auralic Aries G1.1
I, too, have the G1 with the PS mod. I really like the sound, the look and it's a well built piece. I've compared it with the Lumin and the Rose 150b and I sent them back. The app works very well on my ipad and I'm using the USB out to an Anthem S... 
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
I've had my modded Auralic Aries G1 for a few years now and I still really like it. I've A/B'd it against a Lumin U1mini and the Rose 150b so the G2.2 should be a good choice. I'll be making that jump after the first of the year.  
Anthem STR pre and power amplifier
I've had the STR Stack for a while now and I still enjoy it. Take some time (if you haven't already) and join the Anthem FB pages and you'll find a ton of info on making ARC easier. There's also some YT videos that take a deep dive if you're more ... 
Room Correction Required
I have the STR Stack and have been really happy with it. The ARC stuff is very cool and can make a difference, but it's not going to help your 80hz problem. That's a placement or room treatment issue and I know that's a tough one for you. So ARC w... 
There is none out there......
HiFi Rose 150B & RSA780 Drive worked pretty good for me  
Ideas for Pre/Power $9000?
Here's an option. Room correction, ability to connect any source and a power amp that'll run about any speaker https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/series=str-series/model=str-pre-amplifier/page=overview   https://www.anthemav.com/p... 
Speaker recommendation £2-10k range
@sach160  Yeah I'll bet the Kef and Monitors are on the same playing field as the Dali.   Anthem has room correction software called ARC and works very good. I'm using their 2ch stuff in my system and have been very happy. https://www.anthemav... 
Speaker recommendation £2-10k range
Take a look at the receivers from Anthem, a definite upgrade over your Denon. For speakers, since you have Dali already take a look at those  
speakers for small room
How small of a room are you talking? See my virtual system, my rooms pretty small.  
Anthem AVM-70 8K
I've been selling Anthem since 2008 and I've never heard of nor seen a blown speaker from the calibration process. This includes my former 8" full range 96db sensitivity speaker on my current Anthem STR Pre/Amp. If someone has torched their speake...