Balanced XLR vs RCA for phono stage

My new BAT VK 3500 has balanced inputs, and my Goldnote PS-10 has 1 balanced output, rated at +12dB.

I have no clue what the pros and cons are for balanced XLR vs. single ended RCA, other than XLR is preferred for long runs.

I’m currently using a 1.5m Zavfino Fusion RCA cable. Is there any benefit in getting the exact same cable terminated with XLR?



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The middle diagram matches the Zavfino XLR cable so if BAT and Goldnote got it right too, I should be good.

Thanks for posting.

The diagram came from the article in my first post above.

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Another thought (rhetorical question)...given the benefits of XLR in pro audio over long distances, why would high-end home audio designers bother implementing XLR if there was no sonic benefit over relatively short distances?

See article below:



@ditusa the article from Ralph was interesting and answers the question I asked about the benefits of XLR in home audio. Comments about cable auditioning were also interesting.

Comparing the same cable RCA vs XLR may also be interesting.


GoldNote said they are AES compliant 

That is very interesting, and doesn't seem to be consistent with the specs you quoted:

Unbalanced RCA @ 2V and balanced XLR @ 4V

I'm not familiar with this component so I can only say that I'm puzzled.