Barnes & Noble and vinyl LP's

Has anyone noticed vinyl records on display at your local B&N store. They've been on display for several month here at my local B&N, but they don't seem to be selling - everything from Christmas is still there. Last night I went there and saw that they were all moved out to the center aisle facing the entrance (but placed behind the latest book releases) on display so everyone who walked straight in could see them - but they still don't seem to be selling. B&N even has cheap turn tables in a box on display, (close and play type for grown ups.. maybe) and they don't seem to be selling either.
Anyway, what's going on? I thought analog was making a comeback!

Half-Price Books in the SF bay area carry them, both new and used, and that section is always busy. Surprisingly, I see a lot of teens browsing and buying, especially during their 50% off sales.
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@ Tysons Corner in Virginia the Barnes and Noble is also selling very well. The last two times I went, they had more of a selection. I made some purchases the second time, along with many other people...skipped on the retro turntables though, also the portable ones too.
Checked yesterday at my local B&N and they have them here, and I'm in a small town. Not a big selection, but a good selection at reasonable prices.
I'm glad to find another source other than online.
The local B&N here has them also but a fairly small display. It is located in the center isle though. I was there recently and purchased a couple.