Basic question - connect McIntosh integrated amp to LS360 speakers?

Hi, all. I have a very basic question. I inherited my dad's beloved McIntosh LS360 speakers, MA6850 integrated amplifier, and MCD7009 CD player and would like to sell them (too big for my little house). I need to test the speakers first, but I can't figure out how to connect the amplifier to the speakers (hey, I said it was a basic question!). My dad had Tributaries A2 silver OFHC audio interconnects, and the speakers have binding posts, but the interconnects won't plug into the binding posts. Do I need an adapter? Should I buy some basic speaker cable and use that instead? Or something?
If I can connect the amp and speakers, would I connect to the High or Low binding posts for the purpose of testing the speakers? (A few years ago, a retired McIntosh engineer cleaned, repaired, and tested the integrated amp, but he has moved away.)
Thanks so much for your patience and knowledge!


Google says they’re worth around $3000 at that price I wouldn’t take the chance of screwing anything up. Anybody who is interested in those speakers are going to know how to test them properly. Let them be the one. My deepest condolences on your loss hopefully with the funds you receive, you can acquire a system that fits in your home in memory of such a wonderful man. 

Basic answer.  

Interconnects and speaker wires are different things.  Interconnects are terminated with rca plugs or din connectors and are used to connect things like CD players to the amplifier.  Speaker wires are basically twinlead wires terminated with spades, banana plugs, or simply bare wire.  They connect the amplifier to the speakers via the binding posts on each.

The high and low terminals on the speakers all need to be used.  The high terminals feed the mid/tweeters and the low terminals feed the woofers.  This is usually done by connecting the high and low for each together with a short wire.  For example, the red high to the red low, and the black high to the black low.  A single pair of speaker wires from the amplifier is then attached to either the high red and black or to the low red and black terminals.

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Thank you all for your knowledge and kindness. When Dad was around, one of us would say, "Hey! I've got something new to listen to!" And we'd sit down and listen together (through these speakers). A WW II tough-guy Marine, he'd sometimes get tears in his eyes from the beauty of the music. He was, indeed, a wonderful man, and I miss those listening sessions.