Basis Audio Super Arm 9

Seeing a few posts on this amazing tonearm. Just installed my Super Arm 9 on my Debut table... Loving it!
Chargerfan, I don't feel guilty because I know you will be thanking me and will be in sonic bliss for a long time. The best Jeff
I'll report back this weekend on what I hear with this arm. And thanks Jeff.
You were one of those who really influenced my decision on this purchase.
A thread full of worthless blubber.... but run, don't wait, avoid the next price increase...try to get a better rate for group buy...
Listen no one said this was cheap. Everything in high end audio today is way over priced. Its seams like speakers start at 10,000,00 and electronics above 20,000 and more. Fifteen years ago a 5,000.00 speaker was crazy.