BAT VK-200 vs VK-220 amp

I have a BAT VK-200 amp and wanted to know if the VK-220 will be a noticable upgrade and worth the extra money. Thanks for your input.
I posted a similar question a couple of weeks ago, but no response regarding vk-220.
Either vk-220 users are so happy with it and spending most of time on listening to it rather than spending time writing about it, or there is not much to say about it.
Many vk-200 users seem to think its power rating is very conservative. I asked about the power rating and VK responded to me that vk-200 measures about 120 WPC. So, as for the power, there would be hardly any noticeable difference. I have four 100WPC amps/receivers -- vk-200, Linn AV5105, Yamaha HT receiver (RXV-3000) and Sony 2 channel receiver (STR-DE197), in the order of power handling I feel. vk-200 sounds about 20% bigger than Linn. I think Linn's power rating is just about right and Sony and Yamaha receiver sound 20~30% weaker than Linn.

I haven't listened to vk-220, but I guess it is not on the right upgrade path. Maybe vk-250 would be more proper upgrade.
I had the VK200 and upgraded to the VK220. In my opinion there is a big difference in detail.
How about their sound. I used to own a VK 200 and that amp had the best timbre of any amp I've ever own including tubes. Got rid of mine after a fit. It started blowing fuses pretty regularly if I didn't turn it on first and off last.
Since the sound quality is such a subjective thing, it is quite possible that going from VK-200 to VK-220 in some system might provide a subjective improvement. However, as a general rule, the 220 should not be considered an upgrade to VK-200.

The two lines are designed using totally different approaches. The VK-200 is far more of an "audiophile" product, whatever on Earth that means... there are more elements and "good design practices" in it that most people would agree should lead to a better sound, and ultimately, in a properly designed system, it should produce better sound.

VK-220 is a compact package available at substantially lower price. Its design is more traditional (relatively speaking), but in my view its ultimate sonic potential is slightly below that of the 200/250 line.

From my perspective for a person who generally likes the sound of his VK-200 but would like to move to the next level, a VK-250 or even VK-250SE would be a more appropriate move.

Victor Khomenko
Victor, thanks a lot for your input. This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time now. I really like your work and appreciate your opinion.